Are there different size toslink connectors?

I have an older DAC and Sony CDP (digital toslink only output). For the fun of it, I went to Radio Shack and tried one of the toslink cables. The ends did not fit into one of the components. They seemed to be too large. What can I do to fix the problem if one component takes the larger end but the other a smaller end?

AFAIK, there is only one TOSlink connector but there is a smaller 1/8"-compatible optical connector, as well.

I think there is only one size of Toslink Cable but there are small Toslink input sockets (like on my iRiver MP3 player). The Rat Shack sells an adapter so that the Toslink Cable will fit into the smaller socket.
Bigkidz, this is the cable I was talking about when you send me an e-mail earlier. It can be configured different ways, tos-to-tos or tos-to-mini. check it out.....
There is the standard, the mini mentioned that is also used by Apple on the Airport Express and the old one favoried by Wadia and others generally referred to as an AT&T connector. None of these are interchangeable