Are there any Women interested in high fidelity?

My wife and I are wondering if there are any women out there interested in this high fidelity world. We own a dedicated LINN business in the Midwest US and get frustrated that there are very few women aorund. Women seem to be better Music listens than most men and have a greater passion for Music (not sound).

Please let us know if you are out there and what you think about women in hi-fi.


Susan & Brian
"Women seem to be better Music listeners than most men and have a greater passion for Music (not sound)."

I think you answered your own question. Audio is all about gadgets and power and massive intimidating front plates and cables thick as ropes. You don't see as many little girls playing with trucks either. Audio is basically us men in the sand-box.

I find that most women, when they are into audio, bring a more balanced view of things based, as you noted, on their passion for music rather than a nearly pathological need for diversion through toys. They tend not to lend much support to underlying madness that makes the endless full-page glossy ads in the major audio-mags look so much like Playboy spreads (It's only a matter of time before TAS comes up with a centerfold and an audio system of the month.)

Women mature quicker and move onto other things. I think it's their tie to deep biological cycles and child-birth that occur early on.(After you've given birth, if you have any insight at all, there must be certain things you can't be suckered into.) But that's just a stupid guess. Where is Detlof when you need him?

I remain,
Not to be rude but this question has been asked and answered many times. To me the bottom line is who cares if woman are interested in audio or not.
If you search through past threads, you'll find mention of similar issues. Or, we can have Elizabeth throw down on you for a while. Your choice.
Clueless, I don't think that your post was a stupid guess. Women don't pursue hobbies in the same way that men do.

You know what they say about boys and their toys - and for boys the audio hobby is usually about playing with toys. For me, audio is primarily about enjoying music. I buy a couple of new CDs every month, and although I have my favorites, I try not to listen to the same things over and over.

As a distant second, I also enjoy the creativity involved with trying different cables and components, but for me it is always about the music first and foremost. Most of my (female) friends like music, attend concerts, and have some sort of mass-market system at home. My girlfriends are generally impressed with my system, but only two of them have come over for a critical listening session.

What do I think about women in hi-fi? When I meet some I'll let you know.
Many of us depend on Elizabeth's comments to measure our own sanity. Where are you my dear?
My name being mentioned... ... ...
I realize few women are interested in this hobby. I think most women who enjoy music are not particularly concerned about the equipment, nor the massive collecting strategies of most audio buffs.
Like my best friend, who has a turntable, a CD player, speakers, and a decent Marantz: all of which I found in thrift stores for only a few bucks and gave them to her, either for free, or for what I paid. She has a few dozen CDs and a few dozen LPs...
She would never want to spend the sort of money on this stuff I do (her favorite things are postcards and jewelry).
But she enjoys music as much as I do
I cannot answer why audio is such a mens' club, I personally get interested in new stuff every so often, and then satisfied, use the stuff I have to play music. I have been around here as of late due to searching for stuff to build a decent Phono addition to my system.
Many men, like women, have a pretty good mid fi system and enjoy listening to it without getting all embroiled in this competative audiophile thing. These people, women and men, are below the Audiogon radar screen, so you don't know they are there. Being a serious audiophile (what we see on Audiogon) is very often a macho thing "My amp is bigger than your amp". Men are macho. Women generally have more important things to do.
There are probably dozens of individual reasons why women may not participate in this hobby to the extent that men do.

But, in general, are women marketed to by the high end audio industry? I say high end because anything beyond what you can buy at Circuit City type stores is definitely high end.

Also, does the audio industry really want women in the hobby? How are they educating the masses or at least the certain niches where potential new converts could be found?

How does the audio community of manufacturers promote its business as a whole?

I think visibility and education are the keys. Just my 5 cents worth.
My guestimation is... after a long work day, men and women have different ways of undwinding. Women usually are more likely to bond, and men are more likely to veg out. And, audio is more of a vegging out hobby.

This is one reason why I think wives have a big problem with audio equipment in the house. Yah, they say speakers and stuff are ugly. What they are really saying is they don't want to compete with the stereo for your attention.

Just a theory...
Women are not good listeners, for the most part.
Women are better listeners in that they are not so psychoanalytical about every note or component.They just enjoy the music. This is why you won't see many women members on Audiogon picking apart each dissection of audio
I agree. Most of the times women hear what they want to hear hahaha *ducks and hide*. Their defenses are a lot more healthy and efficient than men's are.
To tell you the truth, I think you're wasting your time.
As you wrote:
"Women seem to be better Music listens than most men and have a greater passion for Music (not sound)."
Therefore women will not be interested in hi-end gear as that's what creates sound, IMO.
Sure, the typical woman can probably hear better than a typical man but I think you're mistaken if you think that means women will pay a lot for a stereo.
My girlfriend as an example. She is very sensitive to too much bass (paradigm) and high frequency distortion. She can pick up on small differences that I miss. Although I pick up on some she misses :-). While typical women appreciate good sound they aren't going to worry what someone else owns or if their stereo isn't up to par. Hair, clothes, yes. Stereo no. And they aren't going to spend themselves silly getting the Nth degreee of perfection.
A typical women isn't going to walk into a high-end stereo shop on their own. They're all over at Jo-Ann Fabric or Christmas Tree Shop. Women aren't going to want to bother with wires, tubes, and hooking it all up. It's too much of a bother and will mess up the living room's decor. WAF isn't an expression by accident.
My girlfriend listens at work and in the car. At home she watches TV. Music is just in the background. So no need for a good stereo.
So your looking at a mini-system for simplicity and small size. Not much mark-up there. I've taken my girlfriend stereo shopping and when we add up what a simple B&W 601 system will cost it comes out to $700 to easily $1,500. And she decides it's not worth that kind of money.
As far as appreciation for music, if the music is enjoyable then that's good enough. She got an Audiovox clock radio (I think)for work. Hated it. Even music she liked, she disliked on the Audiovox(?). So she found a Phillips at Wal-Mart. On sale for $29.95. She enjoys her music on it and that's good enough. Enjoying her music *more* doesn't seem to matter as it does for men.
These are only generalizations and if I understood women better I would probably be on a date and not spending all this time on the internet ;-).
I 2nd the idea that you might be wasting your time in rounding up women to partake in hi-(sp)end! I feel women are more likely to engage in hi-fidelity if they are partnered with their significant other. This is where I have seen the most # of women - the 2 of you are another case in point! The reason I feel this is that a serious interest in hi-end audio involves some rudimentary understanding of physics, electrical engineering & acoustics engineering. Traditionally, these are not strong suites of women. There are exceptions & there always will be but I'm talking generally. Have you ever caught women talking amongst themselves about damping factor or skin effects in cables or what it takes to filter the AC power? I don't think that you will for a long time! However, this knowledge is much needed to take a hi-fi system to the next level where it becomes emotionally involving. This is where their men come (I'm talking about straight women here & we'll leave out the others in this discussion 'cuz I don't even want to go there!). Once the rig is emotionally engaging, one is more likely to hold a women'a attention but do not ask her to phyically work on getting the rig to that point. There are other things that she's much better at (compared to men) that she'd rather be doing. Women are much more into human relationships & so a stereo rig is just a means to an end: music; however, men can form a strong bond with an inanimate thing. Of course, JMHO. FWIW. YMMV.
I agree with Snook. I know my wife has a better ear than every audiophile I have ever met. She plays piano and doesn't get caught up in any hype about upsampling vs. non upsampling etc. She just listens to music. Frankly I envy her.
One thing I think I've noticed is that this forum seems to boast fewer female posters (that I know of anyway) now than it used to. I would have hoped the trend* went the other way...

*[If it is that - the numbers have always seemed low enough that observed flucuations might not rise to the level of statistical significance, and besides forum activity need not be a directly correlated indicator of audiophile interest. But I'll wager that this forum has more active members now than at any point in the past, and unless most of the women are doing a good job of concealing their female identity - a distinct possibility I'll grant you, and not one without its understandable reasons - we seem to be losing, not gaining, ground in the gender-diversity department.]
A comment to Zaikesman:
On the number of women posting. I think it is because even if we are interested in high end, surfing the net and taking about stereo stuff is not very interesting. I hang around when I am actively seeking equipment. And I recently got back into vinyl, Been looking for a bunch of stuff I want, at a good price. So I look at the ads, then the posts just to see what is going on. Next year, I will probably not post anymore... I will be listening to music!
Elizabeth: So you are positing that there might be even more of a gender-gap concerning the proclivity to chat about audio than there is concerning audiophilism itself? I thought it was *us* who were supposed not to like to talk about things... ;^)
Z-man, posting on forums is not "talking" = P
A comment to Elizabeth:

A very sensible thing indeed - you going away and doing some listening. I always wonder when and how people get to listen to music when they are all the time appear to be posting on the forums.
Hey Everyone,
I stumbled upon a real hi-end lady in this audio hobby! She has 2 systems - check out both at the link below:-

Most of us men are going to be eating our hearts out 'cuz we'd all love to own this much & this expensive equipment!!

Who would have thought that such a moniker would be that of a woman? I'm sure that there must be others "hiding" out there. She's certainly the exception that I spoke about earlier. FWIW.
It doesn't make a whit of difference to me as to what fellow Audiogoner's choose when it comes to public restrooms.
If there are please give me a call