Are there any Tube Integrateds out there with?

Pre out (for sub)
Auto bias
-I've looked at Primaluna (auto bias but no pre out)
-I'd love to find one with a set of balanced inputs but there don't seem to be any that aren't real expensive.
Looking to keep cost at about $2500 used - with at least 50 watts per side

I think the newer Jolida have auto bias and preouts?
I think you can have the Primaluna modded to give you a pre-out but you lose a input.
Go with Cayin, better sound, better value.
VAC Avatar perhaps. Probably just under 50 wpc. 2 el-34s/side I think. Avatar Super has 2 KT-88s/side with definitely more punch but probably a little over your budget.
Jolida 502brc has pre-out and easily adjustable 1 minute biasing, with cool flashing red lights and everything.
The Avatar and Avatar SE are spec'ed at 27 watts triode and 60 watts ultralinear. The Avatar Super packs a bit more punch. Not all Avatars have a preamp out (mine did) or balanced inputs, but I believe all had an HT bypass. No auto bias either, although with the built in meter biasing was very easy. Just turn the screw for each output tube until the needle on the meter was centered. Great integrated amp.
Thanks Cli09 and Hanalemike I have to have a tube integrated with pre outs for my subs. Auto bias isn't a must as long as the biasing is simple.
The Jolida 502brc has pre-outs for your sub. I was using the pre-outs for my sub until I discovered that the high level inputs to my sub were immensely superior.
Funny you should ask. After banging head against computer monitor trying to figure out how to connect single channel sub amp to stereo amp, I found that the amp in question (arriving later this week) has a single L+R channel output
The amp is question? McIntosh MA-230

Can you say sweet?