Are there any tube amps that don't give off any---

I have a very small dedicated listening room, and so I was wondering IF there are any tube amps..I guess hybrid or all tube ( although more all tube)- that simply give off NO heat or very very little heat after full warm up. Since the climate seems to be getting hotter, it would be nice to have the benefits of a tube amp with no heat whatsoever. ( is this even possible?). 
Running AC isn't my preferred way of listening in a small room, so this question is now on my mind. I do not want to consider Class D solid state I know they are an option from a heat perspective...but just tubes.
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Are there any tube amps that don't give off any---
Yes, One's that sounds like sh*t!

If you do the duct and fan try to put in 4”insulated flex line to quiet it down. I would try one of those super quiet bath exhaust fans on a switch. Also do not dump the heat in the attic. In the winter time you could create mold or mildew and run into ice problems on the roof. 
I’m using a Music Reference RM-10 in one of my systems. It uses EL84 output tubes, and puts out very little heat, less than any tube amp I’ve ever owned, and less than many SS amps I’ve owned as well. It’s small, light, and sounds great. 
I have the same heat issue in a small listening room which is next to my walk in closet. I decided to cut out some drywall near the ceiling and put vents on it so that I can dump heat into the walk in closet. I have Pass Labs X250.8 amp with BAT Rex2 preamp, which together consume 900 W idle.
Hi daveyf...

You didn't address power requirements and such.  I am extremely happy with my newly purchased Music Reference RM-10 MK II used in my tiny dedicated studio.  It sports 4 small EL84 power tubes that produce a healthy 35W per channel.  If curious, you can see recent posts for details.  Best, Pin