Are There Any Risks to Your Stylus From Using Magic Eraser

I guess I'm late to the magic eraser discovery.

I read a blog about sibilance, and it was suggested that cleaning your stylus with magic eraser, cleans so well that sibilance issues can be greatly minimized.......assuming all other factors have been optimized (SRA etc.).
However, someone mentioned that the magic eraser fibers grabbed onto the cantilever and damaged their cartridge.

I clean all my LP's before playing and use a Zerostat. It cleans the stylus "OK" but "if" the magic eraser is safe and provides better stylus cleaning, I would really like to try it.

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Uberwaltz brushes his teeth with a mill bastard file:)
Uberwaltz brushes his teeth with a mill bastard file:)
What are them then?
I use Last stylus cleaner. Less is more. About one application for every 15 to 20 Lp's. Use soft stylus brush on all cleaning in between. Small bottle of this lasts a long time. Have had mine for over 20 years.
I have been using ME for years on all my carts, including the one in my avatar. I have never thought it was going to do any harm to my carts, as long as you go up and down ONLY. You start going sideways and dragging the stylus across the ME surface your asking for trouble. I also do not press down, I let the weight of the cart do the cleaning, 2-3 dunks is all that's needed. I then look at stylus thru jewelers loupe and see nice bright shiny diamond tip.
I also use my dust cover.....every house has dust flying around.