Are There Any Redpoint Owners Here

I am looking for other Redpoint TT onwers if there any here? I would love to chat about this TT I am in need of some help with the motor pulley setup...
I agree, I replaced the Maxon motor about 2 years ago I only have 200 hours on the TT since changing the motor. I did buy a complete motor and controller assembly but, I think it is too light for the heavy platter. I won’t know for sure until I get the new pulley, then I will decide which way to go. I am leaning towards having the machine shop make a top with same pattern as the new motor and controller, and just swap all the parts.
Well I had the machine shop make me a brass pulley for the new motor setup I bought, it works great except the new pulley is leaving a brass residue on the belt and platter. Probably gonna have him make me another pulley from SS. 
Hello there - I own a Redpoint Testa Rossa. It is a very old unit - the pulley on mine looks like brass but I think it is a brass colored alloy. Glad to see you got yours going. Enjoy !

Well hi and thanks the reply, yes I got it going real good now. No more problems and sounding awesome, I should post some pics.