Are there any quality Phish recordings?

Hello fellow audiophiles, I was wondering if anyone knew of any Phish albums either studio or live that one might consider high quality recordings? Thanks in advance.
"Slip, Stitch, and Pass" is a live recording that has excellent sound and is fun to listen to. The studio albums were of generally very good sound quality. "Hoist" and "Story of the Ghost" are my favorite studio albums. Quality is good, but I would not say exceptional.
Billy Breathes and New Years @MSG. Fine music, great sound.
Thank you everyone for your input.
I agree with above..Billy Breathes, Story of the Ghost, Slip Stich/Pass and NYE @ Madison Square all sound real good on my system. Also, try Treys solo album (no title) with Alive Again as the first song....I can't stop playin that one....most of their later work was mastered at Gateway Mastering with great results....
Farmhouse is my favorite Phish album. It is a decent recording.