Are there any other EAR 834P modders lately?

I had to beg David Schulte of Upgrade Company to mod my EAR 834P because there are so many detractors. There are also loads of DIY people who have tweaked the circuit in custom ways. The changes I had made include V-cap coupling caps and RFI shileding. Switching from using the 12AX7 tubes to 5751 or 12AT7 tubes if you can handle the lower gain also is highly beneficial. I use Valvo 6201 blue print in the one spot, Brimar and Siemen Halske 12AT7's in the gain stages 2 & 3. 2 is not left and 3 is not right- it sums the tubes for the gain stage left and right. My results are stunning. Because the 12AT7's only have 70% of the gain or the 12AX7, I changed out my Bent Audio step up tranny's for Bob's Devices Cinemag 1131 with a 1:40 or 1:20, ratio which is adjusted at the flip of a toggle switch.
Zenbret, I too am a fan of this phono stage, and have had it modified by Mitch Singerman with outstanding results. Additional tweaks that I have found to be very effective are the use of BDR cones underneath, and use of the unit without it's cover and weight placed on top for dampening. I use lead bars covered in black cloth tape. Lastly, particularly if your unit is an older one where the circuit board is not attached all the way around it's periphery, the use of small sorbothane squares directly underneath the board for extra support and dampening also helps.

Have you tried a good MM cartridge yet? The EAR really shows it's
potential with it's MM stage (no SUT's). I never imagined that a MM would best my VDH Grasshopper, but an Acutex 420 STR, or Empire 4000D do exactly that. Not necessarily that the MM's are superior to the VDH in absolute terms, but that the EAR minus SUT's is superior.

I am not a proponent of the idea that 5751's as a family or 6201's, or whatever are superior to 12ax7's. It depends on the particular 5751 or 6201. For me, in my system, nothing has yet to beat good Telefunken smooth plate 12ax7's, and biggest surprise of all (and I have tried them all) Raytheon black plate 7025's. Check them out, you'll like them.
Frogman, Thanks for joining the post. I had Telefunkan NOS 12AX7-The Fisher version, before Victor USCITY started giving me advice on the EAR 834P. It still left a dull haze and lack of detail/clarity for me. It was my first shot at tube rolling and was a big improvement over stock tubes.

I have seen posts on Mitch Singerman mods that were all favorable. David Schulte of Upgrade Company has done most of my equipment and does great work also and really transformed the unit.
Interesting dampening techniques you have with the lead. Does this absorb RFI and magnetic field radiation or just dampen and isolate from vibration?

I don't know the mm carts that you mention but might like to try one out if they are not too expensive. Generally the mm are much better priced. I only ever had a Grado- The Statement for mm cartridges and no longer have it.
I'll have to read up on the Raytheon 7025. I am getting amazing synergy out of my current combo.
Just a note... Tube V2 MUST be an ECC83/12AX7 or RIAA equalization will not be done correctly. If your system sounds better with a lower voltage tube in V2, then I'm guessing you prefer boosted highs and muted lows.

I've replaced V1 with a 5751 and it sounded good, but currently have a Brimar 12AX7 in there. Also sounds very nice.

Fyi... my unit has the full Mitch Singerman mods.

I replaced the three tubes with current "Genalex Gold Lions," selected for low noise (TubeDepot) and, after five years of owning and tube rolling this preowned stage, this phono pre simply sounds wonderfully magic now. Previously I had tried NOS Telefunkens, JJ standard ECC83 and ECC803s and gold pins (both selected for low noise), Tungsol, Ei regular and gold, Mullard (new version), EH, Sovtek LP and LPS (both low noise selected), as well as the stock "dPS" 12 AX7s it came with. Those Gold Lions are certainly worth the price.
Thanks for the info, Tfkaudio. I might have to A/B my sound with some nice 12AX7's again in the gain stage. I think I still have the Telefuncan The Fisher 12AX7's around to compare my RIAA by ear. Now that I am listening for it I can pay closer attention to how much it is skewing my balance across the frequencies. I am working out of town again tomorrow, and Saturday going to see Zappa Plays Zappa. I will post what I hear and maybe get your comments after.