Are there any other cheaper options for power regeneration than PS Audio

I would love to buy a PS Audio P3 or P10 but is there anything like that but cheaper?
Yes, some folks here recommend Pure Power and others recommend Goal Zero Yeti 400.   I haven't used either of these so this is not a recommendation from me, only repeating what others have found to work well for them.   I know there are others out there.

Note that if the sine wave coming in via your distribution panel is not clipped and has the typical distortion levels, you may not need a full regeneration unit.   Rather a good EMI filter giving 50 dBm of attenuation from 10 KHz to 30 MHz and isolation will be more than adequate as well as saving you some significant cash.

The important factors to consider when purchasing a regeneration unit is looking at the harmonic distortion of the 60 Hz sine wave under full load, the worst case power factor, and load surge capacity in VA.   Also, look for one that doesn't contaminate the earth ground, so medical grade isolation is preferred.   I would also look for one that is designed for high end audio work, as fridges, lamps, heaters, etc. aren't too fussy about what the power looks like.  Computers are fussy but not as fussy as audio gear.
This is a pretty good deal for $1200 or so.

Since it's been out of production for some time now, you have an upper hand on negotiation.

I use an even older PPPremier model found here for cheap. Solid 5 years of service,  sent it back to PS Audio for a refresh last year and should get at least another 5-7 years out it for a total of $1500(original cost+rebuild w/warranty)
You get what you pay for. Paul pretty much invented the category and cheaper ones are all that.
Fremer wrote about these in the last Stereophile. Basically, out of a few well-regarded units, the PS Audio was the only one that worked for him. Depends on your needs.
I've followed this topic a bit on forums, and one comment which recurs is that the difference a regenerator will make would depend very much on how noisy your line is to begin with. Good thread here:

Free to try with ps audio
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I had a PS Audio PPP, kept glitching. I sent it back, and it still glitched

I now use Underwood HiFi CorePower 1800 and want to get their Deep Core

Now, I have a dedicated 20amp line for my system