Are there any MFSL bootleg copies around?

Have recently seen Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" for a fraction of the $175 asking price I've seen on this site. Is $50.00 a good price for this disk or $175 considerably high? As always thanks for your help.
I believe those prices reflect sealed vs. unsealed copies.Also,there were two box versions for MFSL,a regular box and what was called a "long box".I am not sure if DSOTM was available in the long box version,but I believe that is why you are deeing such great price fluctuations.keep your eyes on ebay,there are always copies there and sometimes you can get a good deal.I picked up alot of MFSL stuff on ebay and have picked them up at relatively reasonable prices.As for the bootlegs,I have not heard of any,but in this day and age anything is posible.Do not hesitate to pick up this disc as it is an awesome recording.
Yes, there are many MFSL CD & Gold CD bootlegs. I don't call them bootlegs, they are Frauds. I saw on E-Bay people selling Beatles on Gold Ultradisc CDs and Rolling Stones which were Never on UltraDisc. I've seen the fake Floyd MFSLs at a record show. Just know who you are dealiong with and do the research.
Try to shop around as much as possible. Many of the MFSL prices on this site and E-Bay are just ridiculous and,in most cases, not worth the money or realistic. I paid something like $10 for my MFSL DSOTM LP and $10-$15 for the CD...both used. Both were already out of print when I purchased them, but the prices skyrocketed when MFSL went out of business. It's all hype. Many stores (on-line and off) sell them for much less. True...there are a few that were pressed in very limited quantities and they may be of some value as a collectors item, but I don't think DSOTM was one of them. I wouldn't pay too much if sound quality is all you are interested in. The DSOTM disc is already fairly old and CD mastering technology is always improving. I think there have been a few people on this site that thought the EMI remasters sounded better than the MFSL. I've never compared the two.
Yes, DSOTM was available in an MFSL longbox. A friend of mine recently sold a sealed one on Ebay for $200.

The EMI remaster of DSOTM is very close to the MFSL version, only giving up a slight amount of bass. It is actually slightly cleaner, too. The MFSL version is somewhat warm sounding.

My buddy bought an MFSL Beatles boot CD and the sound sucked.
You should be able to find one from Brent is awesome and has a huge selection of sealed and mint MFSL CDS and Lots of Audiophile LPS too . Tell him Bruce From NYC sent you . I bought lots used MFSL from him & they always were great!
"bootleg" is the term generally used to describe unauthorized recordings; e.g., recordings of concerts not meant to be released (many such recordings have now made their way unto commercial lists--for example, dick's pick's). i'm aware of NO mfsl's that are true bootlegs. what you're apparently referring to are counterfeits, of which, as already noted, there are many. and remember some are so dumb, or perhaps so smart, to counterfeit $3 bills. -cfb
I'm with Cornfed. Bootleg's refer to re-released, unauthorized copies. In my experience, there is NO such thing as a "Bootleg" Mo-fi. (Georgio was from Spokane, WA).

You can buy issues for less money from "Mom and Pops" sellers on ebay. You know, folks that haven't played a record in twenty some years, however, all of a sudden they are qualified record graders/sellers. Grading is subjective at best. I suggest finding a dealer/seller that follows the Goldmine grading standards.

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