Are there any integrated amps with a built in DAC?

Using an iMac streaming to an Apple TV.
Magnum Dynalab Md 208 can be ordered with a built in Dac or installed in an existing used model. Cheers
Naim SuperNait and Bryston B100, to name but two.
Come March the Peachtree Nova.
I believe Redwine audio has such a product.I have the poweramp version,and am very happy .
The Peachtree Decco that Knownothing suggested in a great piece of gear for the money. I'm using one with a Macbook Pro, streaming to an Airport Express and then through Toslink into the Decco. I can also connect the Macbook Pro durectly to the USB input of the Decco DAC.

It has a tube preamp section and I'm using the preamp outputs of the Decco to drive a tube amp, though the internal amp of the Decco is pretty good, too.
Musical Fidelity A5.5 has an USB input
Bryston B100 SST. Given the high praise the latest Bryston amps are getting, and given my 4-day audition of the new Bryston DAC (fabulous!), I'd take a look. The DAC board is an option, as is a MM/MC board.
I currently use a Naim Supernait and one of its inputs is an Apple TV with very satisfying results.
music hall Mambo I believe
Bel Canto has 2 different built in DAC options with the S300 integrated amplifier.
There is the S300iU which has a USB dac for computer input OR the S300iD which has a standard coax input which can accept digital input froma variety of different types of sources.

If there is not a local dealer in your area, contact me for more information:
Simaudio's 100Wpc Moon i3.3 was shown at CES. Not sure, if it's available now. Optional DAC board and phono board.
Thanks for the great information - I'm wondering if these built-in DAC's would be as good as a stand alone DAC like the Cambridge DAC Magic or the Channel Islands DAC?