Are there any headshells with adjustable canting?

I have a Yamaha PX-3 linear tracking turntable. The headshell that comes with the table cants when it is mounted in the arm so that the top of the headshell (and, thus, the cartridge) leans: Looking at the cartridge from the front when mounted in the arm, the headshell leans to one side, causing the stylus to lean, as well. I am not sure whether the arm tube is not perfectly aligned or whether the mounting pin on the headshell that slides into the arm is not perfectly aligned. If there is a headshell that allows rotating the assembly about the lengthwise axis of the headshell, that should fix the problem. Does anyone know who may make such a thing? Thanks very much.
Hello, One I know of, that's easy to get, is the Sumiko HS-12 Headshell, commonly available from the large audio vendors. This does have an adjustment for Azimuth, via a Allen Set Screw. Simply loosen, rotate in the direction needed, and tighten.

Keep in mind this Headshell weighs in at 12 grams of weight, is heavy, and you then hopefully have enough counterweight to then re-balance the Arm. This Headshell will probably as well increase the mass of the Arm.

I would investigate further, what are perhaps the true causes of such, as the possibility of a set screw adjustment at the rear of Arm Tube, or other area of the Arm, and mount that could be causing the Arm to not sit properly? Does the rest of the Arm look correct to you?

The headshell upgrade will only be sort of a bandaid to correct this issue. hope this helps. Mark
Dear Je_pense: These two headshells have the " mechanism " you are looking for;,OCC_Head_Shell.html

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks very much for the information and for the prompt response, Rauliruegas.
This is kind of a stab in the dark but...
You might want to check on the underside of the armtube to see whether there is a tiny screw for adjusting the headshell mounting collar. That tiny screw exists on the PX-1 and I think also the PX-2. If it exists, by loosening it, you should be able to shift the collar in the tube and therefore solve your azimuth problem. On the PX-1, the whole armtube can be removed, and I thought that was the case with the PX-2 but it has been a while since I played with one. I honestly don't enough about the PX-3 to say.
I appreciate your suggestions, Markd51 and T_bone. I checked the arm on the PX-3, and it does appear that there are two screws holding the arm tube to the housing in which it fits at the back of the arm on the bottom of the housing, so it may be possible to loosen them and rotate the arm itself. Getting to the screws may be a challenge. In looking at the arm, the slots for the bayonet pins look vertical, but it is hard to say for sure. The pin on the headshell, however, does not look perpendicular to the top of the headshell, so I suspect that the problem may lie there. The headshell does not have an azimuth adjustment, and it looks as though it is glued together. I have ordered the Sumiko HS12. Maybe that will take care of the problem. Thanks very much for replying to my inquiry.