Are there any Harbeth owners in Wisconsin or near

Are there any Harbeth owners in Wisconsin or near Chicago area that would be interested in letting me hear their system? I'm not aware of any dealers in these areas.
Great little dealer in the Detroit area....a short drive from Chi
Where in "the great land of cheese" are you located?
I've got a pair of P3s in Milwaukee.

They're in the bedroom system, though. That means - if you come, bring wine.
I'm in Appleton, about 4hrs drive north of downtown Chicago. I'm mostly interested in the Compact 7's and SHL5's.
I figured you'd be more interested in the big boys. My time with them is very limited. The P3s are a great lil speaker but obviously they can't do waht the C7s, 5s, or Monitor 30s can do.
Hi Paulfolbrecht,

Would you say the P3's would have the same "house sound" so to speak as the larger ones you have heard?

What equipment are you using with the P3's?
I just really can't offer meaningful comments on the P3s vs. larger Harbeths.

What I can say is that these little speakers did truly amaze me. They sound 'big', at least in a mid-sized room, and astonishingly there's hardly a need for a subwoofer. You don't feel like any bass is missing. Apparently they are down only 10 dB at 30 Hz due to the sealed alignment. And, as much as I hate to admit, the sealed enclosure gives a cleanliness to the bass that is only bettered by open-baffle. The best ported enclosures will reveal at least a bit of overhang to the bass at times.
Thank you for the comments on the P3's. What kind of amplifiers have you used with them? I have some EL84 amps that put out an amazingly dynamic as well as beautiful 15 watts. Do you think that would work well?
A 6W T-amp did OK at moderate levels (which surprised me). A 40W gain clone is plenty. It would all depend on your desired SPL. I think 15W of tubes would be borderline, but possibly just fine if you don't want to listen at 100 dB.
Have you checked the Harbeth user forum? Some nice folks over there.
I live in Detroit ... You're welcome to come over. The dealer here is very cool too. It's funny, I'm in Appleton often ...
Hello Headshrinker2, yes I visit the Harbeth user forum periodically, and I agree with you.....very nice folks and valuable information as well.

Hi Jabas, thank you so much for the invitation. It would be quite a long time before I'd be able to come out your way. One of my other hobbies is boating and during spring, summer, and fall I spend all my weedends and vacations at the boat. However, sometime that you will be in Appleton and would like to meet a fellow 'goner, you are most welcome to come by for a visit. Just email me if interested and we can try to make some arrangements.