Are there any Harbeth owners in central Florida?

I am looking for any Harbeth owners near Orlando, particularly those who own Compact 7's. I just purchased a Leben CS300X and I am on the search for some speakers to go with it. I am thinking that the Harbeth's would be right for my tastes, but there are no dealers anywhere around here. I think my second choice would be the Devore Gibbon 8's, but everything is just a guess at this point. If you have a pair of Harbeths and wouldn't mind me coming over with my amp so I could hear the combo live, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll have to add another post asking about Devore owners in central Florida :-) BTW, what amp did you use with each of these speakers?

Well for my case, i have the leben on laScala from klipsch and klipsch and leben is a very good match! if you have the chance to try it, go!