Are there any good rock, blues ETC. SACD's ?

Hi there Im young and completely fed up with the SACD market for some time I finally gave it a second shot after not looking for years and couldnt even find a Jim Hendrix or Led Zeppelin SACD!!!

I think SACD is awesome it portrays classical and norah jones amzingly, I just dont listen to them.

Im looking for anything awesome, even some old school neil young some john lee hooker, something that makes a guitar sing and rocks.

Please don tell me Pink Floyds Dark Side, There one of my favorite bands but its one of the most played out albums of the century, Listen to the division bell or A momentary Lapse of reason if you havent heard them. I believe there last 2 albums, A Momentary Lapse of reason was released in 1988 after the 85 release of The Final Cut, as you can see they came back together to make 2 of my favorite albums.

Any way I love bluesy rock, Something with soul, and as a reference my favorite artists are, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, The Beastie Boys, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Too $hort, anyway something cool.I love old school rock, 80's and 90's rock, Reggae/Dancehall, Rap (Mainly 80's and 90's), old school funk/R&B, The kind of music that initially got most of you into stereo when you were in your teens.

Thanks a million and I look forward to your responses, Oh I just read that Tom Petty just released a BLURAY CD for his new album in HIDEF, Im curious to see how it does in a COAX or TOSLINK feed as oppose to HDMI and broken down to stereo?
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There's quite a few, Bryan Ferry, CCR, Elton John, The Who, Moody Blues, Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits, Roxy Music, Santana, Beck, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Jeff Beck, Zombies, Kinks just to name a few.
Steve Ray Vaughn's first 5 records are about to be released starting in January. The link provided above is an excellent resource.
The link refers you to various Amazon marketplaces so why not vist them directly. Also perhaps, big time ebay dealers, with good records ( an unitentional pun, but a SACD is not a record per se, it is a recording yes, and so on...yada... yada... yadadadooo.)
Hello My Friend. If You are looking to hear the guitar sing and are willing to Discover new music that You probably have never heard before. Let me introduce You to Dirty Dave Osti - Voodoo Guitar CD. Its not a SACD but the sound quality is very good for the cd format. Lyrics are very cool and the guitar is Powerful. If You like Blues Rock You may find this to be interesting. There are many cds that You can find on the Grooveyard Records Label that will unleash Total Guitar to your ears. I hope this helps.

Buy a turntable
There is a sacd of Alice in Chains Greatest Hits.
Thanks yall, Believe me I want to get into vinyl, Oh man I do, but I hit tough times these days and after moving and living a 36000 mile a year driving life all my favorite CD's are gone and I have converted to what I swore I would never do, Ripping CD's on a digital hard drive, (Ive easily bought 600-900 CD's in my life so I dont feel bad, and Ill go to any show I can find, Also I never bought new discs). I want to get into Vinyl Bad but it is far less expensive to go this route for now until I get back up on top, Then Ill be buying music like crazy again YIKES!!!!

And no way Alice in chains is my favorite band thats awesome, Thank you all appreciate the quick feedback
As a Quick addendum to that, I buy the new releases that interest me but I hate to say but the music industry has gone far far down the toilet in the last 15 or so years. People dont want to believe it but the mainstream medias main market is now "Tweens" Pre teen queens, Listen to the radio and listen the commercials and tell me im wrong htere all either based toward teenage girls and home improvement/stuff mom or dad will want. At least that is what I have noticed with Clear channel which owns a large chunk of broadcasting rights.
Try Albert King's "I'll Play The Blues For You". I have a decent system and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Great Memphis music.