Are there any DACs with a subwoofer output?

I am interested in not running my speakers full range, but skipping the bulk, expense, and uneeded features of a pre/pro

Thanks for any suggestions
Not that I know of. I would be surprised if such existed today. There are older processor/DACs that will do it. In fact, I have a Technic SH-AC500D in one of my closets that will serve.

Ah Kal, you are bumming me out. this was a similar answer to the one about a multi-channel DAC that you gave me quite a few months ago. You have also discovered that I'm consdering diregarding your (very excellent) advice on pre/pros.... but with good reason. This is clearer in my other responses to you in the other threads.

Thanks for always being so helpful!
McIntosh MDA1000 DAC. Am using one as a DAC/PRE. XLR's out to the amp and RCA's out to the sub. Have no need for a preamp-digital only system. DAC-Music server-Amp.
Just re-read your post. Not running your speakers full range-check out Tact Audio.
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The Bel Canto dac3 (which I am a dealer of) has both xlr and rca outputs. I have used the XLR to go to the main amp and the RCA to an amplified sub with good results.

good luck!