Are there any bookshelf speakers that sound good on a bookshelf?

Due to aesthetic considerations I am pretty much confined to using bookshelf speakers.   I have a REL t5 subwoofer that fills out the base nicely in a 12 x 16 room but want a true bookshelf speaker that can sit on a bookshelf that images well, has a sweet midrange and creates a large soundstage.   I’ve previously been using  Klipsch Heresy III as my “bookshelf” speakers and have a pair of B&W 805 D3’s on their way for a listen.  Budget is up to about $8k.  
What have you heard that might be worth a deeper dive that fills this description?
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Vandersteen VLR as mentioned above.  They also make a CT version that has a carbon tweeter similar to their high end models.
+3 on the Vandy VLR's.
I own a pair, and have them near the corners of my ceiling (like monitors).
When I disconnected my subs, I was very surprised by how much bass they could produce.
If you aren't super into high fidelity, or have a less than perfect setup/room, I would go with the non-CT version. I did, and have no qualms. Before the Vandy's, I used a pair of Zu Omen Bookshelf speakers. They were good, but not as good as the Vandy's.
At least, in my opinion.
Fritz carrera be worth a try !
Monitor Audio Gold 100's awesome imaging, clean and punchy.
Give the ProAc Tablette 10s a consideration.  Sealed cabinet, and very happy to be placed near boundaries.  And sound great.