Are there any audiophile heavy metal reissues on 45 rpm vinyl?

I had a blast today listening to some garage sale rock albums that I paid $2 each for: Judas Preist Rocka Rolla, Judas Priest British Steel, James Gang Thirds, Pat Benatar Live.

I never had these albums BITD but wow! I really like the sound. No nasty compression like modern digital recordings. Even on these $2 recordings through the surface noise they rocked. I thought I saw a few posts a while back for a few heavy metal reissue record labels. Any of the albums listed above would be cool,to seek out on audiophile vinyl if this existed. Any leads you can share?
Black album, And Justice for All, Ride the Lightning.
Others by them in 45rpm too. But these three shine.
I posted this on another thread, heavy metal / hard rock, should I go with older pressings if I could get it Near Mint on Discog or should I go with 45 newer pressings from the last 10 years remastered?