Are there any audiophile Air BnB's?

Hi all, 

As question stated i'd like to set up a trip with a few friends to rent something really cool as we near retirement.  Would be neat if there was some type of Carmel CA beach house, overlooking the ocean with a $30K well vetted system in it.  I'd take CO overlooking the mountains or Sedona AZ also.   Anyone ever seen anything like this?  




I in Asia for half year on business. We have several house that might open but likely wife sister or maid and friend be there. One house have wide model Victoria secret friend stay too. All house have nice system.

Great idea. I would never have thought of it. I would like to stay there, if you find one.


Given that most equipment can be destroyed my a slight misstep. My best friends  Audio Research preamp worked flawlessly for twenty years until his father visited… and bam, out went one channel… what did he do? Who knows, but no question he did something.

Not that I’m aware of.

I rent out vacation-type places (on the opposite side of the country from where you’re looking), and have thought about putting one (or more) of my older systems in a couple of them. You know, worth a couple of grand each, but then I think about it.....

A novice is going to blow something up, or play the music at mind-numbing volumes. Careless or not, expensive stuff is going to get broken.

People are going to complain, no matter what. Either the system won’t be good enough for someone’s audiophile tastes, or the neighbors are going to complain about someone blaring "Wear You Like A Sneaker" type rap at 3am. Can’t win situation as I see it. Never mind providing media (CD’s, etc...), and the need to catalog them every time someone stays/leaves to make sure you’re not being robbed.

How pissed would I be if someone stole the RCA cables off the back of the setup? or replaced them (thinking I wouldn’t notice). That would make me........very unhappy.

I’m not saying a place like you’re looking for doesn’t exist. But I can tell you, being (roughly) in those circles, I’m unaware of anything like that.

Good luck.





Anything can be arranged if you’ve got the Do-Ray-Me. I left a comment on one of Uncle Kevin’s posts (Upscale Audio) suggesting this very idea.

LOL. @dekay

This question came up before and the consensus from owners of good equipment was 'no way, no how.’

Waterfront systems both places, what’s a fair damage deposit on a system approaching $200K ?

Asking for a friend ?

We rented a desert place with a high end soundbar and a sub, it worked …but i brought my own wine…

Seriously, good thread, fair question….. 

Just did a quick Google of Frank's place and came up with $3.3K/day with a 5 day minimum (may be even more now).

The realtor pics do not show his den (which housed the "A" system).




Who would put their own places on Airbnb or VRBO and allow renters to use their audio gear? Me, I would pull the power cords and lock them up. They could use the secondary system which is easy operation and not shabby. And don't even think about the wine. The good stuff is all locked up, so BYO.


Seems a rather nonsensical dream to find something as described.

I did stay in a lakefront home that belongs to Bing Crosby.

No operating stereo but I did find the old built-in electro-voice


Highlight of the place, per the locals, was the bedroom in which he

and Grace Kelly made beautiful music together.

Not an Airbnb but Memphis, TN has a hotel has the Central Station Hotel with custom sound systems by EgglestonWorks. They are headquartered in Memphis and were commissioned by the hotel to install sound systems in every room. The main system in the lobby is unreal.



Nice idea but I don’t know who would trust Air BnB's tenants with high end system. This is like to borrow your toothbrush to someone. Ones I was out for several days  vacation and my adult daughter with her boyfriend who is professional DJ tried to turn on my system. They were shy to ask me how to do it so during couple of days they tried to do everything. Results: messed up connections and moved components and tubes was left on for several days. :)

Wow, great in theory but we just sold a house in st George island Fl where there are mostly rentals. The guy across the canal had a renter rip all the flat screen tvs off the wall and off they went back to some college dormitory. This would be hard to pull off unless you chain everything down somehow. Not for me as an owner. As a renter, I’d like it. But wow, what a variable. 

There is another path, Grasshoppers, we do AirBnB from our house & our main system is fairly decent (Martin-Logan, over cone lower midrange, plus 18" sub).- we're pleased to host fellow audioholics & will sit you in a comfy chair and play tunes from our 4+ Tb music library.

Remember what Grandmother said:

"Starve the Flu, feed your addictions..."

Let any tenant supply his/her own system and make it clear to the tenant and neighbors that any complaint, which need not require a neighbor to confront the tenant and put up with false promises to turn it down only to be followed by experimenting with how loud the tenant can get away with, will result in immediate eviction the first time it happens. There will be no warning because you can't trust any bully who forces their culture, in this case, their music, down anyone's throat to change.

One way to decrease the risk of renting to such a bully is to specify, "Smokers need not apply" in advertising the rental.  

Hi all, thanks for the insights here.  I hadn't thought about vinyl as a potential attraction point.... @dekay  the one you posted is quite cool.  @jsal3689 that is interesting also, thanks for posting.  It reminds me of the inspiration for this....when I first saw that swanky NY "World of Mcintosh" Townhome I immediately said to myself "I wonder if you can rent that".  

@drjim21 where is your rental?  I'm happy to look towards something from a fellow member if the opportunity arises.  

And candidly for those who are shitting on the idea because some college kid took a TV off a $200 per night rental I don't think you get the point.  If I'm booking something on the coast in Carmel or in the Hamptons, I'm guessing the security deposit alone is enough to procure a new midsized sedan.  

mtbkr29 said:

>> @drjim21 where is your rental?  I'm happy to look towards something from a fellow member if the opportunity arises.

mtbkr - We're in the deepest, most festering part of North Carolina, far enough off the track that they stopped beating it some decades ago - but close enough to the Tar River to easily evade Kurtz should he come hunting us with blood in his eyes.