Are there any active DC area audio groups/clubs/etc ? (I am in Reston)

Hiya -- maybe I saw you at DC CAP Audio Fest last week...

Are there any active groups here in the area? I've been searching the listings here for a DC area audio "group", but have not seen any current traffic on the forums. 

best -- vic w.
Tube-based Rogue, Raven and Ayon integrated amps. Lots of Parasound and PS Audio gear. Vinyl, high-res digital and Mac-based server w/Plex. 
John Gatski called me a few months ago to brainstorm around his plans for trying to get an audio group going in the DC area, with assistance from Gary Gill, the Cap Fest organizer. You can reach out to John via and perhaps they’ve got things moving on that.

President, Philadelphia Area Audio Group