Are there any 6H30's with a sweet upper midrange?

The 6H30 is the new sweetheart preamp tube.
My experience is that the preamps with this tube have a forward, almost solid state type upper know the frequencies at the upper range of sopranos/almost in the sibilance region.
Are there 6H30's that don't do this?

Obviously, it's dependent on the preamp and the implimmentation.

Any thoughts among the tube rollers?
Any change in tonality with a 6H30 based preamp will depend on the circuit and
power supply design, rather than the specific tube.

Even then, the 6H30 tube and 6H30 based designs will all sound neutral, (i.e.
solid state).

Short answer, there are 6H30 tube options (6H30 and 6H30DR), but neither will
have a sweeter midrange than the other, IMO.
Agree with Tvad, that tube is the most electronic valve I've experienced.

I avoid equipment that uses it, there are too many alternatives that allow the end user to experiment.
What 6h30's have you used so far? Unfortunately, there are not a lot of variations out there to choose from.
At the top of the list are the 6h30dr's which at this point for me are cost prohibitive(between $300-$350pr.)then you have sovtek and electro harmonix. All are Russian made.
As and alternative, I've found that the electro harmonix 6h30pi gold's are pretty good(I can live with them) compared to the 6h30dr's particularly when you consider price. I would stay from the sovteks, they're just not that good.
Electro harmonix is currently Audio Research's stock tube which says a little something about their quality.
I have heard some people replacing this tube with the 6N6P. Hard to get any feedback. My BAT VK 31 SE uses this tube. I am running a set of NOS tubes but really did not hear much of a change from the factory set.
I am not sure it is a good idea to use 6N6P in place of 6H30.
I would try plugging in a 6CG7/6FQ7 tube into the socket. Draws less heater current than a 6H30, has about the same gain and sounds MUCH better.

Have you tried this tube in a BAT product? Any mods necessary to run this tube?
"I would try plugging in a 6CG7/6FQ7 tube into the socket."
This is a very strange idea. These tubes are not even close to 6H30 and their only similarity is their pin-out.