Are there any 5.1 integrateds?

Rotel, and many others make 5.1 receivers....are there any good home theater integrateds?....
If you want only 5.1 instead of 7.1, Yamaha made a couple of AV Integrated. I know the 3090 was one and I think the DSP-A1 was also. Those are older models now as most new stuff is 7.1. The upside is they are available used for a song.
Hope that helps and good luck!
Linar Model 10
Aside from the excellent Linar 10 which I enjoy daily, the new kid on the block seems to be the Pathos Cinema X which I plan to audition at FSI Montreal next month (rumor is it will be there).

For both, you will need a decoding player as these are "just" integrated amps...but what amps!!!! I would quote UHF Mag:
"the best receiver receiver!". This as never been more true since the Linar and now the Pathos.