Are the TMC directional cables?What is this anyway

I have a few TMC interconnect cables and was wondering if they are directional. I assume that this lightning bolt symbol shows the recommended direction for current but am not sure about this. I accidentally connect them the other way around and did not noticed a difference (well ... I added a different component before that) until I looked at them closely also accidentally. I was wondering if anybody can comment on this or any related experience. Thanks.
I did own a pair of TMC's and asked them about this. The arrow you see on the rca's does point them in the right direction. Good listening!
Thanks South43 for your reply. I have another idea: I did some research about directionality and the most convincing argument that I found in favor of specific direction is related to the fact that a cable may have one end grounded and another floating. I am not sure that I fully understand the technical things here. However, this means, if I understand it correctly, that when you reverse ONE cable the corresponding channel changes the phase (for the aforementioned reason or another). Well... on the other hand, it seems natural that, if they all are reversed, then it should work just fine again as all the channels will have the same phase again. But I am not an electrical engineer so I am not sure about it.
Hi A1ek001, I as you am not a engineer but I believe the way a wire comes off the spool determines signal flow. I ordered a couple of feet of silver wire to do my own ic's and the seller included a arrow as to the direction the cables signal should flow. My opinion would be to follow the arrows and change the direction to see what you hear. Good listening!