Are the Speltz Autoformers right for Maggies?

Just wondering how many Maggie owners out there have used the Speltz (or other brand) autoformers?Are they way to go for a Maggie 3.6 powered by Bryston 4B ST?
Thanks for your thoughts
I used the original Atma-sphere autotransformer with the MA-1s on my 3.6's and they worked perfectly well. Actually, Paul helped me with the connection as there was an error in the original autotransformer which he knew about.

To this day, the MA-1's with the autotransformer provided the best sound I had from my 3.6's (which I no longer have by the way). Rich, detailed. even balanced and suitably dynamic. The sound was poignant and realistic with proper attack and decay. Not overly damped as in the case of some amplifiers (like the Wolcott 220s which I also had but, were very good amps none-the-less). And, absolutely none of the solid state micro-veil that you never know existed until you hear an amplifier without it. Probably the best way I could describe it is that it was just extremely enjoyable. I really liked the sound.

I have run my Maggies from the Bryston you have but, not though an autotransformer. They sounded pretty darn good with this amp. My guess is that it would not do much for the Maggies since the Bryston is characterized for driving the 3.6 input impedance. The feedback employed within the amplifier tends to de-sensitize the amplifier to varying impedances. The Atma-sphere, with it's virtually non-existent feedback mechanism and higher effective plate impedance, favors a higher load impedance (like 16'ish ohms) for the best match.

I did run the Innersound ESL-300 amplifier with, and without, the autotransformer. The difference is sound was slight at best and, in the end I probably preferred the sound without the autotransformer. But, it was close. This is why I theorize that your Bryston/Maggie combo will will not benefit from the autotransformer in it's output. There may be some aspect to the sound you might prefer but, when taken as a whole I think the extra iron will negate any advantage from better aligning impedances.
Neal's descriptions are consistent with my experiences with the Zeros. I think his advice is right on the money.

Thanks guys.BTW Neal what replaced your Maggies.There actually not mine but a buddies and he is one of those Maggie or Quad owners who never leave or always return to thier faveorite brand and ther midrange capabilities.But originally he had MG III's run by crappy dual 1500's amps hrozontally with Maggies little X-over box.I got him new 3.6's (was at dealershop and had some contatcts even though we didn't have them) and they just didn't sound much better as if lesser speakers (MG III) matched with lesser amp (Dnon)ade was let down unitl the Bryston.New Cd's sounded great (he had many Venus 24 bit Jazz CD's I'd suggested but he called me andsaid he was bummed.
Why?Because he wanted to play an 80's Lee Morgan domestic CD and he said now it sounded TERRIBLE as if Morgan were playing in the bathroom.I asked him if high quality Lp's and recently made CD's sounded better and he said "Well sure better than I thought was possible".d fi amps masked so so 50's RVG enineered discs transferred before CD plant engineers knew want they were doing and the Denoon's just muddied over the tone and soundstage.
Some folks just can't figure out the whole picture without having it all explained.He even copmplained that he had to turn it up to 1 o'clock (unity gain for the Bryston) whereas it was supposed to according to me have close to 290-300 watts wheras Denons had 225 maybe yet much higher input sensitivity.Just couldn't make the adjustment psychologically and thought something ws wrong.Guess some folks have to worryabout something to be happy.