Are the PSB Platinum's too dated?

I almost bougth a 5.1 of the Imagine's with the Sub 500, when I saw the Platinum Package 5.1 deal with the Sub 10 on here for only $600 more. I loved the sound of the Imagines but would the older flagship line be a better value?
Older top speakers are almost always a good buy; progress is often slow and can be retrograde. In any case is often very expensive. Last year I bought a Focal Mini Utopia with the tiatanium rather than the berilliam tweeter. I paid $2200 used and the new one was $12000 or so; the new tweeter is better but the old one is still good and the price differential was 6 to 1; the older one was still a great speaker and much better than a cheaper new one. That said I am not familiar with the specific speakers you mention but I imagine the same rule would apply. Raw materials and manufacturing costs rise all the time so an older speaker would be more expensive now than when it was made.