Are the new Ohm Walsh speakers Audiophile quality?

Considering buying the Ohm Walsh 2000 Tall but very few reviews has me questioning there quality. Any thoughts?
@riftaf4u based on published specs that amp should drive them very  well up to at least modest high volume.  I’d expect good results. I have similar power Bel Canto c5i (60w/ch) driving older 100s and that does very well in a large open family room /kitchen area. 
Congrats on your 2000s! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy my Ohms.  

One thing to remember about power is that the relationship between acoustic volume in a room and amp power is logarithmic. Every 3 dB increase in volume requires double the power. That means that one can generally get a fairly good volume level with reasonable amounts of power, but beyond that, power needs jump very rapidly. 

I always recommend that people get an inexpensive sound level meter so they can speak accurately about their listening level. Without that, one person's "medium" volume is headbanging loud for someone else.  

Unless you have a very large room, or listen past the mid 90 dB level (C weighted) I suspect you'll be fine.
I would say definitely NO. 
Dale Harder's HHR ... yes.
I have said it on other threads, but it bears repeating: The current Ohm lines are capable of very refined sound and will respond well to upstream improvements.  My 2000s, purchased new in 2009 have never sounded better.  I have upgraded most of my gear and wires, and the improvements have been apparent to varying degrees.  I feed them 500 watts/channel of Class D power from Arion Audio, and each is crossed over, first order, to a Vandersteen 2Wq sub with MHP-5 crossover.  I have heard many systems with all sorts of speakers, some priced at multiples of my Ohms.  I love listening to music as a destination activity, and only life's obligations and required sleep bring my sessions to a close.  Warmth with appropriate amounts of detail and transient information, a phenomenal soundstage and image resolution, make, for me, speakers that may well be my last. Of course, some speakers I have heard outclassed my Ohms, but nothing that I have heard under $12k has made me want to dump the Ohms.  Not bad for $2800 the pair!