Are the new Ohm Walsh speakers Audiophile quality?

Considering buying the Ohm Walsh 2000 Tall but very few reviews has me questioning there quality. Any thoughts?
The Ohms for the last 20+ years sound muddy, diffuse, two-dimensional, and bland.
Not in my experience. In fact, I’ve experienced the polar opposite with the MicroWalsh Talls I purchased in 2004.

No reason to fear Class D. Good ones sound great these days and Ohms love it.
This. I loved them with my old PS Audio Trio amp (100/200 wpc, B&O ICE) and recently paired them with a Marantz HD-AMP1. Given the low wattage of this integrated (35/70 wpc, Hypex UcD ) I didn’t expect much and boy, was I wrong. Just fantastic. I would love to hear them with newer class D one day but, for now, I’m pretty happy where I’m at.

My ohm Walsh 2000’s come tomorrow! Been waiting since December! Very excited, hope the sound as good as some say. Driving with a moon i250. We’ll see if that’s enough juice. 
@riftaf4u based on published specs that amp should drive them very  well up to at least modest high volume.  I’d expect good results. I have similar power Bel Canto c5i (60w/ch) driving older 100s and that does very well in a large open family room /kitchen area. 
Congrats on your 2000s! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy my Ohms.  

One thing to remember about power is that the relationship between acoustic volume in a room and amp power is logarithmic. Every 3 dB increase in volume requires double the power. That means that one can generally get a fairly good volume level with reasonable amounts of power, but beyond that, power needs jump very rapidly. 

I always recommend that people get an inexpensive sound level meter so they can speak accurately about their listening level. Without that, one person's "medium" volume is headbanging loud for someone else.  

Unless you have a very large room, or listen past the mid 90 dB level (C weighted) I suspect you'll be fine.
I would say definitely NO. 
Dale Harder's HHR ... yes.