Are the Monolith III better than Requests?

Please give any thoughts on moving up to the Monolith III. Is it worth the move. My room is 15x25 with 18' ceillings.

Thanks Jim
I really like the big Monoliths - I like that big panel and the low, low crossover point to what's virtually a dedicated subwoofer. In my opinion the Monolith was probably the most enjoyable hybrid Martin Logan made this side of the Statement.
I agree with Audiokinesis. My reference system is based on a modified Monolith II speaker. There's nothing like the big panel. You just barely have the width for them, but plenty of volume.
Don't know about the III's, but I have a pair of Monolith II's actively biamped with M.L. external electronic crossover. that move from the stock internal passive X-over paid HUGE dividends in my opinion. I have heard the Requests but not in my system, so in that regard, I can't really offer you an informed opinion, but do yourself a favor and look into active biamping with either speaker.
Thanks so far for your help. Rives how close to the side walls would you put them and how far from the front wall? I have my Requests about 4' from the sides and about 5' from the front wall.
Also I have a Classe' CA-400 amp that I use with the Requests and like it alot. Would that have enough power for the Monoliths?

Thanks Jim
That depends quite a lot on the room, but given that they are 30 inches wide and you would ideally like 6 to 7 feet between them--well you're getting pretty close. You will need to treat the side walls. Rear wall placement, depends on many things, from room loading to how much diffusion is back there. We have a paper on speaker placement in our resources page. It's at the top right.