Are the Marantz SA7001 and Marantz 8001 the same?

I just read a review from a British publication, on Cambridge Audio website, where they did a head-to-head comparison between CD players.
They pitted the new Cambridge Audio Azur 740C, Creek Evo, Arcam CD73, and Marantz SA7001 against each other.
The Cambridge pretty handily came out on top sonically, and they stated that the other players could not match the Cambridge Audios transparency and spaciousness.
I know that the Marantz SA7001 is the European version, and the Marantz SA8001 is the US version.
My question is this:
Are the SA7001 and the SA8001 the same machine build-wise, parts wise, and sonically, or are they different?
What are the differences, and which is superior?
Thanks for your info!
It's funny, but that different number on the face plate makes a sonic difference.
You're right, just the like recently published test that found kids liked food better if it came in a MacDonald's package. Not that I would ever suggest that this has any relevance to audiophiles :-)
I read somewhere that the 8001 was more like the special edition of the 7001, the 7001 "KI" version. The prices, allowing for ~$2 to the Pound, would seem to back this up. The same reviews reference that publication's review of the 7001 KI.