Are the loudness wars fake so record companies can destroy the music?

Sam here and if the music industry have implimented EBU R 128 for loudness normalisation how come the volume on most digital remastered albums leaving the studio is set to "11" lf the listening volume will be the same across the board for streaming services why bother? l’ll tell you why. By lowering the overall volume after the fact does not repair the damage that has already been done! The goal here is to destroy the sound quality of the music and it makes no difference what side your on because the end result is still the same the album is unlistenable. l remember listening to music before the digital age and you not only heard the music you felt it.Well nothing has changed only now you hear the music and feel pain? Draw your own conclusions friends.

'Over compressed music is just about a requirement for any music to sound acceptable to the masses on the near universal phone and earbuds setup.
Us audiophools comprise a tiny segment of the customer base and we are not the ones who are downloading songs and paying for said downloads to our iPod or whatever similar piece of gear.'


'There’s no conspiracy here, music is just not being mastered for Audiophiles anymore, if it ever was. It’s being mastered to sound as good as possible on the devices that 98% of the world listen on. Phones, tablets, laptops and earbuds.

Is it a sad state of affairs for audiophiles who love dynamic range? Definitely. Is it a conspiracy? Not at all.'

Yes, nothing to see here, no conspiracy.

They have never promised to give us good sound. If they do it's an accident, it won't happen again.

Their business is to sell music. We're not even 1% of their market, and they know we'll buy anyway, despite our complaints.

As for big pharma, well that's another story altogether.

I find it amazing (and slightly depressing) that after decades and decades of research and untold billions spent doing it, that the single biggest ever medicinal breakthrough only happened to come by through sheer accident.

In his own words:

"One sometimes finds, what one is not looking for. When I woke up just after dawn on September 28, 1928, I certainly didn't plan to revolutionize all medicine by discovering the world's first antibiotic, or bacteria killer. But I suppose that was exactly what I did."

— Alexander Fleming
Agree about Fleming to a certain extent. But ’luck’ often happens to folks who know how to look for it a recognize it even if it wasn’t the exact ’luck’ they were looking for.

As far as over compressed audio, again, I agree, there is no conspiracy. But at the same time I think the reason it is used is not as necessary as those using it think it is.

Conspiracy or not I still think uberwaltz, Cleeds and dougy are covering something up. Just not sure what it is yet.
Money is the short answer to most business questions in this country.


Yes, and all the nice delusions we like to to entertain in our heads can’t change that brutal fact. Nor can what most people tell us or would like us to believe.

Honesty amongst the successful rich and famous is virtually unknown. And behind them stand the impossibly wealthy.

As they say, if you want to uncover any answers then ’follow the money’.

And if you want some truth, then think for yourself. Once you emerge from the ’education system’ that is.

So the obvious conclusion here must be is that loudness sells.