Are the KEF Blade/Blade 2 Metas a Significant Upgrade from Blade?

I’ve enjoyed my KEF Blade 2 for over 5 years. Just wondering if anyone has compared the Blade/2 Metas to the original and how significant an upgrade in sound observed. With 65 yo ears improving on excellent is not always a sure thing. Thanks so much!


Strange review in general, especially as you note his comparisons. As mentioned before, not comparing the Metas to Loudspeaker of the Year 2015, the original Blade 2, is a glaring omission.


Any of you Blades owners use 2 stereo amps with Blades. That is 1 amp on the L and R high frequency speaker connection and a second stereo amp for the L and R woofers.

I have an amp that I really like, the KRELL 175XD, but I want to have more power  for the Blades (when I get it) than that amp delivers. I was wondering if getting a KRELL 300XD just for the woofers would be similar to getting a very powerful amp that can double from 8-4-2 Ohm. 

Getting a second KRELL amp would be cheaper than the other 'super amp' options I was considering.



It seems the input sensitivity and the output impedance of the 175XD and the 300XD do not match. So my only option to bi-amp would be a second 175XD. 

????????????? I just looked up the specs on the 175XD and the 300XD and the gain is exactly the same....26.2db. They will play together perfectly. And the output impedance is so low in both of them that it won’t have any effect on gain or frequency response as well. You are good to go....unless there is some other issue.

Input sensitivity means how much input voltage gives full power from the amp.....since the 300 can put out more power then you need more voltage to get ALL of its power.........What is important is the actual GAIN of the amps.....and they are the biamping with them is perfectly fine.