Are The Hi-rez portable media players of today that good


   I bought a pair of Sennheiser Momentum on the ear wireless headphones a few weeks ago.I am presently using my android phone for music,but from what ive been reading lately about high res lostleas digital players,and that they really seem to outperform cell phones,and ipods for that matter in most of their sonic capabilities.Im not avid hi res listener,(because they just seem to be too costly for for what I would need.Escpecially if Im looking for 1 or 2 tracks of a particular album!).But ive been also hearing that it can make your average downloaded cd sound alot better after its been "Processed" through these digital devices! I dont think I would go "All Out" in some of these compact players that can run for a $1000.00 and over.Im more or less of a newbie when it comes to these devices.But I am tempted to try either Fiio X1 2nd gen,or a Sony NW-a35.Both are in the $100 to $200 range,and I dont think Its a waste of an investment at this price level,and may do more justice to my new Sennheisers than just my cellphone! Is there anybody out there who has made the transition from powering a decent pair of cans via a cellphone or a simple mp3 player to these hi res digital players,and is it really worth it,musically speaking?
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About a year ago I began to use my budget Android smartphone instead of my Sony mp3 player. I had been putting it off for ages because I 'knew' it wouldn't sound as good. It didn't.

However with a little tweaking of the built in equalizer (did that with the mp3 player too) the differences became negliblible through my Portal Pros and various portable Sennheisers. 

I much prefer not having to carry both now and the display on the phone is better too. I found the stock app with Android 5.1 had a built in equalizer, but if yours doesn't, you could something like Phonograph etc if you're using Android.

I think as long as your source files are good and encoded at 256kb or above you will be good with the Momentum's.

It's way too extreme for my tastes, but if you wish you might be able to eke out a better/more pleasing performance via a dedicated portable valve amp with something like the classic open backed HD 600s. 

Thanks for the input cd318.

I might just go to my local hi fi shop and do some A/B ing..Maybe try some different cans,with headphone amps(as ones above mentioned).

Wow..never thought Id end. up on this route in spending all minds of $$ on portable gear..

Truth is..Im waiting for my next place of residence to be ready.I much prefer my two way audio set up in a living room,over producing sonic impressions in what I conceive as a very restricted format....Headphones!!

But I need SOMETHUNG as a replacement,to appease this audio enthused freak...