Are the Grammy's becoming irrelevant?

It seems to me the Grammy's have never recovered from the introduction of the MTV Music Awards. The MTV Music Awards came out of the gate with two objectives:

1. To modernize the format of music awards and shock the audience.
2. Provide a new stage for Rappers and Hip-Hop music.

This was a combination that became highly successful for MTV. At first the Grammy's tried to remain above the fray and put on a classy show, however over time to compete they've became just another MTV type music award. Which leads to the question - are the Grammy's still relevant? Do you look forward to watching the show every year and if so; why?
How did the Dixie Chicks "stand up to this administration"? Standing up to something means pushing back when you yourself have been pushed. The Dixie Chicks merely "spoke out against" the administration - an a excercise that requires little courage these days.
Can't recall the year, but it was a long time ago when Heavy Metal was introduced as a separate category. Jethro Tull won as best heavy metal band. Nothing against JT but come on, they didn't even use Gothic lettering on the album covers. That was quite a while ago.
Not to mention that the Dixie Chicks are not only hot looking but are actually talented. Half the award winners are nothing more than Milli-Vanilli's....

I like these type of events for the outfits (READ hot women)and seeing Joan Rivers make a fool of herself and her daughter.
When my favorite artists and albums AREN'T nominated and/or mentioned, it makes me feel good about the music that I believe matters.
Yea the Jethro Tull was priceless, Sting has also won best Jazz album and never forget Milli Vanilli.