Are the Bryston 4B SST good with the Mag 3.6

I'm looking for a pair of mags 3.6 (or 3.7) and I've gotten conflicting advice from different local stereo stores, some of whom say that Bryston delivers the power but aren't as sonically good as other amps. Any experience with this amp and the Mags?
I had a bryston 4bst for a brief period with my maggies 1.7 and 1.6 . I will just let you know what i heard .The sound to my ears was dead ,very dry /nuetral.Which is not my cup of tea.
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I've had the 7bsst with my Maggies, and it was a great combo. I don't think I would use any less power with the 3.6's.
I listened to the new Magnepan 3.7 with the top of the line pre (26?) and the 28SST2 at the T.H.E. Show last weekend in Las Vegas and was floored at how good the new SST2 Bryston line sounds; most definitely the best they have done. Sound was tight, but musical, matched with the highly regarded sound stage of the Maggies. Seemed to be a great combo. The room was enjoyed by many!
I heard the 3.7s at T.H.E. Show last week.
I thought the sound was remarkably good.
It may have been too much volume but I thought the upper midrange
was a bit "shouty" or hard.
Could have been the room.
Otherwise, great sound.
The stores dissing Bryston? What do THEY want to sell you?
Magnepan goes to shows with Bryston. What does that tell you?

Given my listening habits, I'd be VERY happy at the 4B level or perhaps even the 3B level. Simply couldn't make the $$$ part of it work so I didn't buy 'em.
The OTHER amp I'd consider, and never heard with panels, is the PASS.
I have 1.6s
The 4b (I had an st on 3.6's) is good but not enough power for the 3.6's IMO. I kept blowing the fuses and the 4b ST. Changed to a Levinson 332 and was floored! I never knew the maggies really delivered untill I got the levinson. However Bryston's are great if you get enough power. Maggies require a real world amp such as Pass, Krell, Levinson or Bryston if you get enough amp.
I was at T.H.E. Show Last week as well and I have to agree with the above posts, the Bryson / Mag 3.7 sounded great.
Just wanted to add that I ended up with ICE amps. at 500x2 into 4, they deliver the goods.
Such amps are made by W4S and BelCanto, among others. Another 'd' choice would be the Spectron series.