Are the B&W N800 that good?

Are the N800 that good to be double the price of the N802 and $5k more than the N801?
I am thinking in replacing my 801 Matrix S3. I like the sounf of the N802 but I will miss the bass of the my 801 and I am not sure about going to the N801 becuase of their size and also having a 15" woofer I am not sure how fast and contol thier bass could be.
The N800 have a dual 10" which I think should produce a good bass keeping the clarity and transparency of the Nautilius mid range and tweeter.

Any opinions?
You may want to wait a few weeks. B&W coming out with a new line.


Paul :-)
Yes, I am a true believer that the 800s are 'that much better' than the 802/801s. Now, that being said, are they worth $5K more? That is completely subjective where much depends on the depth of one's pocketbook, not to mention amps, power coming from the wall, room, ears, and knowledge to hear the difference. I don't claim any of the above to be perfect at my house, but I feel they are worth the extra $5K!

Paul can you elaborate more of the new line. I have another thread if you don't mind to post overthere. thanks
Despite the size, the N801 woofer is VERY fast.

In the new line, the 800s are only(!) $4k more than the 801s.

why don't you further modify the matrix 801?
the crossover and the cabinet can be improved for
less money than the nautilus line. i like the nautilus
speakers-- more resolving, more accurate. but i am
very biased towards the m-801- a rigid stand, a properly
executed crossover, and you can pretty much forget about
what else is out there (unless you have $15-20k lying
around). ps-- anyone have a pair of m-802's in white and
black (mint) that they would like to tease me with?!
No,suppose the N800 Diamonds are better.Launched this week.