Are the audioquest nrg4 cables discontinued?

Was able to purchase some audioquest nrg4 power cable from a reputable dealer at  very discounted price.  Asked if the line was discontinued, didn't get a direct response, just stated the new power cords coming out in 2019.  I am very impressed with these cables curious as to what the equivalent replacement would be?

NRG 4 is no longer in the line, replaced by wind series.
 The new tech cables are a different class to the old but I’ve only tried the top end of the line (which I rate)y
"Discontinued" A term I see used more and more frequently these days; not just in Audio, CCTV manufacturers love to discontinue models every 3 to 4 years.

Good Times!
In the defense of AQ the NRG cables had been around for over ten years, and the new cables offer improved performance at the same price level so no grounds for complaint I believe