Are the Audio Physic Virgo II's ageing well?

I know these speakers are over 10 years old. Are they ageing well? Is there pleny of life left in the woofers and damping material? How many more years do they have left in them? Are they good in a small room?
I know a friend who has a third hand pair of Virgo IIs - very happy with them. Great image. Don't push them too hard - thats all.
Are they too forward? Will a VTL-IT85 be able to drive them well? I'm looking for smooth and musical, will these fit the bill?
An unqualified YES! They still sound great, although I have replaced the terrible binding posts they came with.
Otherwise, no worries - they are ageing beautifully.
Your VTL will be perfect for these, and I agree with Shadorne, just don't head bang with them, and you'll be in love, possibly forever!
Go forth and enjoy!
Thanks for the responses,
Slaw.....are you implying that I shouldn't indulge my teenage memories with a little Metallica, or Led Zep from time to time? Will they give me the oomph that my Spark III's lacked?
Oh, by all means listen away, I love that music too, and some others (YES, ZAPPA, DREAM THEATRE) that I listen to loudly. But at high concert volumes (not loud, or Loud, but LOUD!!!) these get a little hard sounding. Otherwise, for me they are the perfect speaker.
G goodwin,
The original Virgos are 10 years old. The IIs are 6 or 7 years old. Mine were manufactured in 2002. I drive them with Pass Labs X-350 Amp & X-1 Pre. I'm 52 and listen to some old Rock, Led Zeppelin,Jethro Tull,etc. at concert SPLs. They show no fear of power and no sign of wearing out! I've hurt myself listening to one of the definitive moments in Rock&Roll history, the Bridge on Dazed and Confused, Led Zeppelin 1, with John Bonham's drums taking the air out of you and Jimmy Page ripping off the neck of his Guitar. I am wearing out at a much quicker rate than my Virgos!