Are the Alpha Core Goertz AG-3 Divinity pure silver cables any good?

Hello- I have the chance to pick up a pair of these speaker cables at a very fair price to mate with my Mcintosh 601 monos and Dunlavy V speakers- Outside of the Zobel network- How good are these cables and  what are the highs and lows of them- thanks so much
I own the Goertz AG-2’s, and I like them very much.  Clean, fast, open, transparent, huge soundstage.  They are neutral, but not thin or harsh (as long as what’s in front of them isn’t thin or harsh).  
Not quite the same, but I am using the alpha core goertz mi 2 veracity speaker cable with my modded Meitner mono amps or Parasound A21+, depending which is in rotation. With the Zobel network, need them or not.
They are great. I used Alpha Core with my Cary 280's. Beat many other cables
It’s all good. Go for it! 🤗