Are the Alpha Core Goertz AG-3 Divinity pure silver cables any good?

Hello- I have the chance to pick up a pair of these speaker cables at a very fair price to mate with my Mcintosh 601 monos and Dunlavy V speakers- Outside of the Zobel network- How good are these cables and  what are the highs and lows of them- thanks so much
Not quite the same, but I am using the alpha core goertz mi 2 veracity speaker cable with my modded Meitner mono amps or Parasound A21+, depending which is in rotation. With the Zobel network, need them or not.
I own the Goertz AG-2’s, and I like them very much.  Clean, fast, open, transparent, huge soundstage.  They are neutral, but not thin or harsh (as long as what’s in front of them isn’t thin or harsh).