Are Tara Labs cables a good match for me?

I've had a couple of dealers suggest Tara Labs for my system, but no one seems to have any to demo. I also don't see a lot of them used, compared to Nordost, Cardas, and the other big players. I'm looking for an interconnect to go from a Theta DAC to an Adcom GFP750, and one to go from the pre to a Bryston amp (rest of system is theta source and snell c/v). Anyone have an opinion on whether the Tara Labs stuff would work well here? Any other suggestions? I'm looking for a nicely balanced system, not too warm, not too bright. Thanks.
Tara cables are very neutral and have excellent HF control, once broken in. If possible, you should still try before you buy.
I basically like most of the Tara's that i've tried. I would suggest contacted the folks at The Cable Company and running your ideas by them. They can offer their thoughts / opinions while PROBABLY providing you with some samples if you intend to buy new. Sean
Tara cables for me were smooth, excellent imaging, good soundstage and full bass, if your sound leans toward bright they might work for you. The Tara I have owned is the Master Gen 2.