Are Talon speakers really this great?

I've talked to a lot of people and dealers on-line and have yet to find anyone who has actually heard the Talon Audio speakers who isn't raving about them. Are they really that Great?
I know I am a dealer.... so my comments may be discounted... so, I'll keep it short... Are Talon Speakers really this great? Yeah.....
I second delve audio on that one. I have heard them on several occasions and they are absolutely the most stunning speakers I have ever heard. Stop asking what others think and just go give them a listen (not meant in a mean way). I would love to hear what you think.
I own the Khorus's They have the fastest, most tonal, articulate bass I have ever heard The soundstage is deep and wide with precise imaging You would be hard pressed to find better The only speaker I have heard that rivals the performance of the Talon's are the Von Schweikert VR 6's