Are stars that have contracts with the Vegas hotels relevant anymore

I am thinking about people like Celine Dion or Barry Manilow. Of course there are others to. I feel if you not on the charts today your time has really come and gone and you are just living on your reputation.

Of course they are.  "Charts today" are irrelevant, from my perspective.  On today, off tomorrow, never to be seen or heard from again.  These people are relevant to their fans.  But perhaps you have a different definition of relevant?  Maybe position in a chart in Billboard?  Not sure really.  Anyway, one mans relevant, you know the rest.  I consider Billie Joe Shaver relevant, very much so, even though few know his music, even less maybe have seen him perform, but to me he is a star, just an under appreciated on.  Not by all, but by many.  


Now that my friend is an obscure artist. 
Wait--Billie Joe Shaver has a gig in Vegas?
rpeluso... " 'Charts today' are irrelevant, from my perspective."

I agree completely. It doesn't matter to me whether an artist is on the charts, or not.

Taters, I have loved his songwriting for a long time; saw him once, with his son, in London long long ago.  Then saw him about a year ago nearby, and he was outstanding.  He is as good as Willie in my view, just not as well known or appreciated.  
That would be a great gig . No burn out from touring . Let the fans come to you . Especially as the performers get older . They seem to be raking in the bucks too .Seems like it is only performers and not bands for some reason that are doing the Vegas rooms .
I think that overall gaming revenues are down and the casinos have to provide entertainment to attract people. They underestimated the competition from the Indian casinos, yet still have to pay for the investments in their facilities. I think that it is great that artists, particularly "seasoned" talent, can find venues to perform in that pay well while avoiding the wear and tear of the road.