are spike threads standard for speakers legacy

Please tell me if the threads for speakers that can accept spikes are standard, in particular for the Legacy Focus 20/20, my dad cant find his spikes and there is no info anywhere in manual or on website, I wanted to go to Home depot and get some brass machine screws and grind them at the head, please help as I am at my dads for 2 more days and we live far apart.....he cant install these alone, thank you as always, Chad
My Dali's spikes are a metric #8. I cut the heads off of some bolts purchased at Home Depot and used thick rubber washers with a hole in the center to create rubber feet instead of spikes to use on hard wood floors. They work as well as spikes without damaging the floor. I don't know if other manufacturers use the same thread size though.
I had the signature iii and they had 7/16 x 20 thread.
thanks guys, it does seem smaller than 7/16.....more like 1/4 inch..anyone have any other thoughts to add?
Suggest you try a few different screws to find the correct size. While not all speakers have identical spikes, they are a standard screw. I have done the grinding thing and it sounds easier than it is to get a good symmetrical point. Good luck.
Seems like 1/4 inch is right. You might want to get nuts as well so you can lock them from turning once they are set.
7/16 did the trick, as always thanks guys

Another idea to try....I removed the rails and spikes from my 20/20's altogether and have the Focus 20/20's on a 4 Black Diamond Racing Super Jumbo Pucks per side. This makes a hell of a difference over any spike that I tried with the Foci....