are sonance amps any good.

i found a brand new thx 5150 165 wpc amp advertised for 900.00 .looking to upgrade home theater.want to spend up to 1500.00 for amp.paradigm mon.7 front cc 370 center adp370 sur. cube 10 sub .bought denon 3806 not enough volume.wanted to add 5 channel amp and use av for pre amp and zone 2.any advice on amp in my price range.thanks.

i like mine puts out tight bass and the high end isn't too bad i use them to run a pair of klipsch ref 20's speakers.the amp stays cool i've been using it with a pioneer vsx47tx as a preamp and the sound is 10 times betterthan the stereo.only wished it had xlr's , but for the price theamp is a good buy. bought mine brand new on ebay for 650 shipped.
hi,i have owned the 5150 thx amp for 3 years & also had the moniter 7's you can spend a lot more money for same sound this amp is made by ait for the sonace speaker line i compare it to rotel b&w music ferdelity i paid 1900 for mine over all i'd say buy it's built like a tank 85 lb's good luck steve
I bought a Sonamp 1250 MKII (12x50RMS) to power my Linkwitz Orion+ speakers...paid $525 (lists about $1600) and it arrived in excellent condition. Sound is very good! Much better deal that the ATI 6012 that Linkwitz recommends.