Are silver cables best for my system????

Right now I am running Kimber KCAG's I have extensively burnt them in. I ran them a week in a cable burner. They mellowed out a bit. My system is as follows. Shanling mod 1+ from Parts Connexion. Adcom 750 preamp. Bryston 4BSST amp. Accoustech PH1 Premium. Acoustic Sig Final tool with Graham 2.2 with silver Kimber phonocable. Tandberg 3014A. And a PS Audio P1000 power plant. Transparent speaker cables ($1400) dont know which model. And PSB Stratus Gold speakers. My system has a lot of detail but lacks some warmth. Are my cables too good for my system??????? Are they revealing the flaws of my less than A+ components??? Any help appreciated. Thanks
In my experiences, silver cables tend to be more revealing and transparent, while copper cables tend to be warmer and more musical. This is a generalization, but I've found that it holds true for me.
Now, each will shine it the right system. I've found that silver will sound best in tube systems and/or with warmer speakers. While the copper will sound better with solid state equipment, and/or with speakers that are leaner sounding. Neither copper or silver is better, they both are system dependant.

So I wouldn't say that your cables are too good for your system, but I would say they aren't a good match for your system. Try some nice copper interconnects.

Cardas interconnects might be the right touch.
Audioquest silver offers the best of both worlds. Not inexpensive but worth it.
I've noticed the same as Jmcgrogan2. My silver cables were very detailed, but a little bright. I always go with copper now. But I like warm and fuzzy.
I realize you did not ask about speakers, but I had the same PSB's once and I could never get them to sound anything but cool (some would say neutral), and that was with McIntosh electronics...going the other way with anything but 'warm' components/cables I would think would keep them in the 'cool' or even harsh range.
I'll pretty much echo John and Robm321's experiences.

I'm not so sure your cables are too good for your system, it's just that their leaner nature has shifted the tonal balance of your overall sound.

There are many people that like to use revealing cables and buy their components accordingly to create the balance they are seeking. The idea is NOT to use cables as tone controls, but to find the ones that step out of the way and allow the true character of the components to come through.

I however, am not totally in that camp. I like finding cables that aren't too intrusive with their character, but I also find it valuable to use them to tune my system. To a degree. The reason for that is that whenever I change a component or cable, I often notice differences that aren't limited to just a tonal shift. If it were that easy, then I'd be using all silver.

What I've found is that when changing a component/cable for another, there always seems to be multiple attributes being traded for a slightly differing set of attributes. It's not always a cut and dry contrast, and I end up weighing the five things cable A does well against the five things cable B does well and trying to decide which compromises I can live with by choosing one over the other. Also, sometimes one component/cable will strike you in such a way that you're willing to sacrifice some of the things it doesn't do so well just because angels fly out of your butt whenever this one piece is in the chain.

Your Adcom, and Bryston aren't known for having a warm character. If you don't want to switch components, then I'd consider what some of the posters are suggesting and that's to try copper cabling. If you can find cables that deliver the balance of detail and warmth you're looking for, they should help the Bryston and Stratus Golds create a big, bold, musical sound.

Interconnects that have worked well for me in delivering warmth, detail and a huge soundstage are the Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II.

Good luck!

By the way, Robm321. I like warm and fuzzy too. Ain't she sweet?
Some basic and obvious things you may or may not have done.
1. Speaker placement: move them around especially distance from the back wall, some positions will increase bass thereby changing the voicing of your system.
2. Room treatment - Lots of hard surfaces, glass, hardwood floors, etc? Try some wall hangings, drapes or dedicated audio absorbent panels.

Although KCAG is a pretty good cable they are what, a 8 year old design. I found wire world gold reference to be less harsh - not really warmer just less emphasis on that upper mid, lower tweet range that emphasizes hard and bright. The WW are not cheap.

I am not personally familiar with the Adcom 750 but I'm guessing it's somewhat outclassed by the rest of your system.

Can you borrow equipment from fellow audiphiles to identify the "culprit"?
it all depends on the cables. good silver cables are anything but bright.
Herman. No I cant borrow. I am out in the country here. I am reburning them in some more. maybe normal playing is not enough. Mike
Maybe it's time to look at a speaker without the metal dome tweeter...just a guess. I've always found them to be a little annoying.Some tweets actually add more than what's really there. Sounds like you need a warmer speaker with some upper frequency speed.The last time I audition the PSB Golds I could hear the tweeters ringing or calling attention to themselves.

good luck