Are Shakti Stones effective?

I have never used Shakti Stones and wonder if they really work and, if so, what do they do,  I have used the Shakti Holographs and found them to magically focus the sound and tighten the soundstage. From what I have heard, even from Shakti, is that the stones make a significant difference is some usage and less in other. Has anyone used these and what do they do?
You guys crack me up 🤗
I knew a guy that covered the whole internal wall surface of his house with copper sheet as he was paranoid about microwaves- not an audiophile but quite a good bass player...
simple answer is this - if one insists on trying to see ’if it works’ just be patient and buy one someone is selling at a used price, then try it

if it works and you are happy, great...

if you decide that it is all b.s. and want it gone, just post an ad and as you can see, there are enough 'believers' that you will sell it to the next _________________ (fill in the blank)...
Once you get  them,Then what do you do? Just set them on the metal box of the component?
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