Are Rodgers as good as advertise??

Have a pair of Rodgers Ls3/5a, Picked them up at the thrift shop several years ago, they're a bit beat up, But the serial # are very low (SO2838A & SO2838B) Two Questions: 1)What is the term "White Belly"? 2)If i were to get a replacement cabinet Will it affect the value?

So, you didn't get an answer that you liked in your post four days ago?
They excel at low volume, near field listening, tube amps, and are great for apartment dwellers who don't like headphones.

If you plan on keeping the speakers and cosmetics are a concern, I would have them professional veneered.
@ Krell_man, Not really.
@ Brf, Who would you recommend?? Myself don't know of anyone that's does that.
Mr B- Where are you located? I've been veneering cabinets
for decades. Any particular wood that you prefer? BTW:
Yes; replacing the cabinet would have an effect on the
value. The size/volume of the cabinet was critical to the
alignment and a specific thickness of bituminous felt, used
to damp the inside. Everything had to be just so-so(including
the cabinet's plywood composition), for a
manufacturer to receive licensing to use the LS3/5A
@ Brf, Who would you recommend?? Myself don't know of anyone that's does that.

I would deal locally, check with your local yellow pages for cabinet and woodworkers.
You can get brand new cabinets in any finish you want. Check out Ebay under Rogers speakers! They are not expensive!
BTW White Belly was the name of the drivers they used with PVA coating!
I wonder of what material those Moldovian cabinets are built? Voidless birch plywood(.47" thickness), heavily braced at all joints, was a favorite of the BBC. Some plywoods were disallowed, because of the colorations they caused.
@ Rodman99999, I'm in Alpine, Ca (35 min east of San Diego) Do you know anyone in the area that does Veneer work?
Can't say as I do. I'm in Indianapolis, IN. Try calling Weinhart Design(310-472-8880), in L.A. They may know of someone in your area.
Try Howards restore a finish in appropriate fiish.
I can't imagine there isn't someone in San Diego who could do the work. If any of my relatives did woodworking I'd ask them. The telephone book and high-end audio salons should be able to help you.
Almost nothing in the world is as good as advertised.

That being said, the Rodgers are nice, better than many speakers built today, but hardly state of the art, even among speakers with very limited bass.
Always believe the advertising.
Want some health care?
"Good as advertised"? C'mon now, LS3/5a is a classic British monitor, that has not been produced let alone advertised for decades.

All you have to do is hook em' up and you will find the beauty of this true classic. What they do well, nothing does better. Sure, not much bass, but the most realistic soundstage with a sweetness that has never been duplicated. Near field listening at its best.

Get them refinished and enjoy!
Not by today's standards.
Considering selling my speakers if anyone interested ($1100)