Are Revel F12 speakers too much for a small room?

I'm very interested in a pair of Revel F12 speakers.

My system presently consists of a Marantz PM 7001 integrated amplifier (70Watt/Ch Into 8 ohms/100 watts/Ch Into 4 ohms), with two pairs of stacked large Advents and a Hsu subwoofer. My listening room is rather small, though-roughly 11 x 13 x 9h.

The Revels really sounded terrific at the dealer. Of course, the system at the dealer had vastly more power than I have in a fairly large room. The dealer suggested I come in with my Marantz, which I may still do, but it is a fair amount of trouble to get behind to disconnect and reconnect.

I can upgrade my system if I need more power, but my dedicated listening room is there for the duration. Are the Revels too much for the room size?
I think the room will work, it's the Marantz that I think will be the problem. I would take the dealer up on listening to them with it. Or better yet get the dealer to let you bring them home. That is what dealers and paying full price is all about, getting to check this stuff out completely and make the right decision the first time.
i agree with ejlif--the revels are notoriously power hungry. you'll likely need a more powerful amp, but i would absolutely check it out at the dealer's first--power ratings are frequently deceiving.
I one the Revel Performa F32' and after hearing the F12's I really doubted my decision to buy the F32's. Those sound so close to the F32's it isn't comical on any level expecially the $$ level. If anything like the Performas I would invest in amp power.
Thanks, much! Any suggestions in respect to a good power amp on a budget? I had been running a set of KEF 303's for the past 25 years or so and was basically happy, but now that I have a dedicated music room, I want to improve my listening experience. (Don't we all?)

I have the Advents on loan and might be offered them for purchase, but the Revels have a clarity and midrange that certainly exceeds what I'm presently hearing. What would be a good amp that won't set me back a fortune- which, granted, is a very relative term in audio. I'd like to keep the price for the amp well under $1,000, if I can.
My room is about the same size as yours. In the small room I don't really need to listen at high volume levels so I say bring the speakers home and see how they work with your setup.
My only experience with Revel was the pair of M20s I owned. Fantastic speakers.
3 years to late but better late then never, I agree with theo though my dad just bought some revel f32's and I bought the f12's and the sound difference isn't a lot really sometimes barely noticeable, in a small room they work great if powered right manual says 20-250watts I have them running on a harman kardon citation 21&22. I've also ran them off a sony str-v5 and they still sound wounderfull. my room is a 9x12. they highs were a bit harsh when I first set them up. I went to walmart and bought some foam pads and tacked them to the walls to in various places and now it just sounds amazing not harsh at all, crisp and clean. when I get enough money up I'm going to properly set up sound deadning. kind of looks like an insane asylum atm, lol.
The F12's are really, really good speakers and they are NOT at all power hungry. My Rogue Audio Cronus 55 watt tube amplifier drives them perfectly ! The speakers are well balanced, extremely coherent, and perfectly extended at both top and bottom octaves. For less than $1500 per pair, they are pretty perfect. During my audition process which preceded my purchase, I listened to many of the $5000 per pair speakers that are highly regarded, and the Revel F12's simply sparkled and stood out from the crowd.....