Are refurbished Infocus projectors a good deal?

I'm about to buy (on ebay) a refurbished Screenplay 4805, and I wanted advice before I buy: will the refurb be "as good as new", is a 90 day warranty good for a refurb, is it better to get the refurb directly from Infocus rather than from a private seller, etc. Thanks, Ben
Typically refurbished gear has been completely gone through, and check to insure everything works correctly. Questions will remain about the absolute quality, but it should be a safe gamble.
Well if it's cheap enough and you feel lucky,go for it. Me,I wouldn't buy any projector,without a good warranty and or exchange--(90 days ain't to long)--or as they say,you pay your money and take your chances.
Some products make sense, like power amps. Projectors are finicky at the best of times.

Personally, if I was to by a refurb like that, I would buy it from Infocus direct, and see about getting a longer warranty.
I don't know specifically about infocus but am only writing to convey my experience eith refurbished equipment. So far I've bought a Marantz DVD player from a refurb reseller. That unit never worked even after being fixed twice (while under the warranty) by Marantz techs. I'm 1 for 2 with refurbished Dell laptops. So far one works perfectly but the other one has been the same as the Marantz. Refurbished equipment is returned equipment to a manufacturer so it was returned for one reson or another and so far, for me, 2 of 3 pieces still don't work. I don't know if the factory actually fixes the refurbished units or some other type of outside repair facility does it under license from the factory, but it's something to check out. Also I would only but it direct from the manufacturuer. Jusy my 2 cents.

Thanks for the advice, guys.
Thanks for your 2 cents, everybody