Are Reference Points still in business ??

Hi, everyone. I have been interested in trying some brass isolation cones for my system and decided to try the ones from Reference Points(audio) in Canada. They claim to have a superior, patented way of coupling their cones to equipment. Their website seems to be running fine but I was not able to complete self check out as my military address is not listed in their system. No phone numbers for contact either. I've sent numerous emails with a request how to complete a purchase with with zero response.
I wonder if anyone has recently bought from them. Are they in business? Thanks for your input and time.
I don't know if your preferred vendor is still in busines but can offer an excellent alternative source for brass points and resonance weights.
The company is called Edensound the vendor is a really nice guy and his products superb. He offers some standard items but is generally willing to custom make what you want. I had 4 very heavy cones custom machined for my amp stand and preamp. He will make it with male or female threading for very a secure interface and vibration damping (critical on my tubed pre. Do a search on these forums for more testimanials. (He uses a lead free alloy for his brass if you are at all coincerned about that.)
NO finacial interest affiliation etc.etc.
"They claim to have a superior, patented way of coupling their cones to equipment."

LOL, They all claim something. It's called marketing.
Edensound makes great products and goes out of their way to take care of business. Highly recommend!!!